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The Vine Power
Travelers in the light Idols
One April Day The Hour Is Near
Woe Unto Them The Fellowship
Your Call Look
He Is Called Vanity
No God, No Glory Lightnings
No Atheists Here He's Coming
It's A Choice Art Deco Christmas
Vapours Refuge Of The Blind
Daily Bread No More Sea
Mt of Quarantine Risen
Glory Confusion
Crusade Compassion


Spaced Robot Chic
The Wanderers Galaxy
Shine On Are We So Big?
Night Launch The Heavens
Lost In Space Lost
Storm The Ball


Wayson's Corner Rush
Hawaiian Sunset Surf's Up
A Sea Of Clouds Ceiling
Rainbow Falls All Wet


Rottie And Li'l Sister That's Mr Dog To You
We Gots Da Rotts! I Want His!
Puppy Buddies Dawgs
The Committee Accept No Substitute
Serpentine_Reality  NEW Cool Tones
Splat The Rose
Red Thing Kaleidescope
Strung Out Keeping An Eye On Things
God's Creatures
On The Hunt Untamed
I Don't Think So Flutterbies
Courtesy Of Jaws
Even The Serpent Mellow Yellow
Mission Smelling Flowers
Dominance Deliver Thyself
Waterslide Something Green
Sluggo Deep Blue Sea
White Bears  
Winnie The Pooh Christmas Crooners
Men In Black Broken Hearted
Clipart Christmas The Matrix
Frosty On Ice You Got A Problem?
Cold Cliffs Big Brother Is Watching
Have A Nice Day Random Thoughts
Bouquet Child's Play
Coming Home Fast Black
Uh-ho Hot Rod
Vroom The Blackbird
Hey Miz Moon Now, That's Defense
Emigration Raptors
Sci Fi The Midget
Accelerator Let Freedom Ring
Monday Again Stoned
You Asked For It Stylish Sub
Getting It To Look Right

If you run a gamma program like the one that comes with Photoshop, ignore this. If not, you may wonder why wallpapers often look too dark or too bright for your desktop. It's because people set contrast and brightness differently on their monitors. A rough way to get a good result is to set your monitor's contrast setting to 100% - that's right, 100% - maximum contrast. Set the brightness to anywhere between 50 and 65%. Just try to keep blacks looking fairly black and whites looking fairly white. ;-) That should help a lot.

  1. Click on a title that catches your fancy.
  2. Let the small picture load. If you like it, click on it.
  3. Let the full size jpg load. These are large files (about 200K). Please give it a minute to load.
  4. Right-click on picture. Click on "Save picture as"
  5. In the dialogue box which opens, browse to the C:\Windows directory. In NT, go to C:\Winnt
  6. At the bottom of the dialogue box, click on the button next to "Save as type." From drop-down list, click on "bitmap (*.bmp)."
  7. Click on "Ok"
  1. Right-click somewhere on your Windows desktop. Click "Properties"
  2. Scroll to the name under which you saved the wallpaper. Click on that name.
  3. Just below, click "Center"
  4. Click "Ok"
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Heart Man
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