Shadow (AKA Mister Dawg) died May 16, 2003.
Miss Molly died of bone cancer March 7, 2005.
They are sorely missed.

Christmas & reindeer again
Christmas again - sigh
Preparing to go airborne Miss Molly prepares
to go airborne
Rottweilers are actually
very cute!
Little Miss Molly
Sharp dressed dog! Everybody's crazy
'bout a sharp dressed dog
am I gonna surprise Santa!
Waiting for Santa!
Momma's boy Vicious breed
(momma's boy)
Meet Bear Dog -
He thought he was a Rottie!
Molly looking for a pillow They won't give me a pillow!
I'm not kidding
I want a pillow!
Still looking for that pillow
Molly finds a pillow Aha!
Finally - a pillow!
Everybody loves Molly This is the way to make friends
Puppies are so cute! Big brothers
are good for some things
Ditto ditto
Ditto! I wanna be
just like him!
That new kid's
got some nerve!
Some nerve
His tastes better somehow Somehow
his food tastes better
What now?! What now?
Christmas Shadow Two lousy bones
for Christmas?
I'm taking
the old man's shoe
for this insult
I'm sitting
right here
till somebody
plays with me!
Making a statement
Mine! I'm tired of people
stealing my Frisbee
while I sleep!
Meester Dawg
and the Molly
King Dawg and Queenie
Beauties Our two Rotties
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