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Updated July 24, 2002

 On Christianity

The idea of a God who knows everything that goes on in your life scares people, and that makes them mad. There is nowhere you can run, nowhere you can hide, nowhere you can scheme out of His sight. He peeks into your bedroom, your bathroom, and your heart. This convinces a lot of people to hate Him.
     Yet it is this same all-intrusive knowing that comforts me as a Christian. He knows every dirty nook and cranny of my mind and heart, but He loves me anyway. So I can talk to Him with complete honesty, without fear of rejection. I'm never alone and never unloved.

Lots of people think that to submit to God is to lose themselves. We think that asserting our independence is freedom. Freedom is the ability to always choose good - a freedom we literally do not have without Jesus.
     Jesus totally submitted his humanity to God. Did He lose Himself? He isn't "Christ," He is "Jesus Christ." He retained all of Himself. He has incredible power; He has incredible wisdom; Jesus was made far more than He was by His submission. We aren't in competition with God. When we submit to Him, we aren't destroyed, we are elevated.

"God isn't fair." I hear that a lot. God isn't this or that, folks. God just is. God told Moses, "I AM what I AM." So even if He isn't fair, that's just tough. Deal with it.

I have been told that some religions discourage their members from researching religious history. This is ridiculous. Don't put your faith in a church or a religion, put your faith in Jesus! Learning does not weaken faith in Jesus as Christ; it strengthens that faith. God is truth. Why wouldn't learning about everything under the sun strengthen your faith in Him?

"The Bible is all wrong about the age of the earth." I hear that one from time to time. After all, we know the universe is billions of years old and the earth is at least a few hundred million years old, right? We know that because that's what scientists keep telling us. Scientists are always right, aren't they?
     I'm too tired to veer off into a thorough discussion of all the assumptions scientists have to make to "date" things but just for fun let's take a quick peek at one pretty blatant boo-boo. See The "Journal of Geophysical Research" from July 15, 1968. An instance is cited from Kaupuleho, Hawaii, where lava known to be 168 years old was measured by potassium-argon dating to be 2,960,000,000 years old.
     The age of these particular rocks was known for sure because they had been in the same family for their entire life span of 168 years. The lava rocks had been collected and written about by earlier family members immediately after the eruption that created them. If rocks of a positively known age are dated so mistakenly, should we accept the ages reported for rocks of unknown age?

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These statistics about South Africa were released from the the 4th International Congress on Drug Therapy in HIV Infection:

From - In the United States, HIV is the fourth leading cause of dilated cardiomyopathy in adults, behind idiopathic DCM, idiopathic myocarditis, and CAD. Half of these patients die from the disease in 6 to 12 months. Of HIV-infected children tested, more than 90% have heart abnormalities.

The medical journal Nature presented a study late this year with bad news about the search for an AIDS cure. After being on a mix of the most powerful AIDS drugs in the world, infected people doing well were taken off those drugs. In just 3 weeks, their AIDS was back. It seems this virus can lie dormant in a person's tissues as well as their blood.

On November 24, 1999, UNAIDS spokesman Arkadiusz Majszyk said the number of registered HIV cases in Russia has doubled in less than a year. According to Majszyk, the actual number of cases is at least 5 times higher. Until recently, most HIV cases in Russia came from Kaliningrad, where half the prostitutes tested are HIV-positive, Majszyk said. However, according to Health Minister Yuri Shevchenko, Moscow is now the leading source of new HIV cases.

These numbers all come from the UN program on HIV/AIDS and from the World Health Organization. They should scare you. These numbers are several years old and are much higher now.

Travelers, vacationers, immigrants, and refugees are importing this disease into our back yards while we continue to spread it among ourselves as well. Do you think everyone coming into the USA from another country is checked for HIV or AIDS first? We have shut God out of our lives and bad things are happening.

From the AP wire - Here are some facts about AIDS in our world. On November 11, 1999, the associate secretary-general of the China Sexually Transmitted Diseases and AIDS Foundation stated publically, "If Asia doesn't make enough effort to educate its public, the number of cases (in China) is going to exceed Africa by 2005." [Jon's note: Education has not helped a bit in America or Africa]
     Xu Hua put the number of infected people in Asia at 7.28 million in 1998. That same year, Africa had 23 million cases, with Asia quickly catching up. AIDS growth in Asia was clipping along at about 20% per year. Xu also said that health experts in China had underestimated the numbers by a wide margin.

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Non-Christians often take offense at my comments on abortion, but it's often because they honestly don't understand my perspective. So here it is in a nutshell: Unborn children are living human beings.
     You ask, what if carrying a child to term would kill the mother? As a parent, would you kill your living, already-born children to save your own life? It's the same thing to a Christian. That's why we take it so seriously. At the same time social engineers (liberals) scream about protecting "the children," they encourage the slaughter of millions of them each year. What's wrong with this picture?

The latest mainstream research on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome shows that babies still in the womb cry exactly the same way already-born babies cry. They move their tiny mouths, little chests heaving, facial expressions and all.

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Evolution means the idea that huge changes take place in and even across species. This is usually said to happen through a series of small changes.
     Mathematicians know that evolution as the origin of species (including humans) is mathematically impossible and have said so at their conventions. To have one part of our human blood clotting system - TPA - appear by chance (evolution) would require 100 times the estimated age of the universe. How long do you suppose it would take to evolve a whole human being?

Evolution can no longer be explained just through creatures themselves. If you can't explain how the biochemistry of a creature evolved, you can't explain how the creature evolved.
     It boils down to this: biologic systems are very complex. Vision and blood clotting are often called "irreducibly" complex systems. That means each system has many parts. Remove any one part of such a system and the whole system fails. Each part of the system is useless by itself, so individual parts would not evolve - the separate parts would not benefit the creature in any way. The whole system must have sprung into place all at once to actually help the organism.
     No actual example of evolution has ever been found, no intermediate forms, and no fossil record. We rely on artists' renderings of bone "fragments" for an idea of what evolution is supposed to have done. Some of these "pre-human skulls" are really only fragments - as small as 2 inches in size - from which the skull, head and supposed face is "reconstructed."
     Paleontologist Niles Eldridge sums it up this way, "No wonder paleontologists shied away from evolution for so long. It never seems to happen."
     The main reason so many scientists insist on evolution is simple: they think that to be against evolution is to be for God. They will do anything to avoid this. Klaus Dose says, "At present all discussions in the field (origin of life) either end in stalemate or in a confession of ignorance."

 Quoted from "Darwin's Black Box" by Michael J. Behe, pages 93 to 94, this deals with the possible evolution of just one small piece of the human blood clotting system, called TPA.

"Animals with blood-clotting cascades have roughly 10,000 genes, each of which is divided into 3 pieces. This gives a total of about 30,000 gene pieces. TPA has 4 different types of domains. By variously shuffling, the odds of getting those 4 domains together is 30,000 to the 4th power, which is approximately 1/10 to the 18th power.
     Now if winning the Irish Sweepstakes had the same odds - 1/10 to the 18th power - and if a million people played the lottery each year, it would take about a thousand billion years before anyone (not just a particular person) won the lottery. A thousand billion years is roughly one hundred times the current estimated age of the universe."
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I saw a "news magazine" article on TV the other night about an 18 year old man who raped and strangled a little girl, 6 or 7 years old. The whole time slot was devoted to the young man's point of view and "why" he did it.
     Where has America gone? The girl - a very young child - was left alone for many hours late at night in a casino! The young man was hanging out in that same casino game room on his prom night! Shouldn't we be asking ourselves why we encourage legalized gambling? Instead, we seek psychological or environmental culprits and continue to deny personal responsibility, which gambling encourages us to abandon.
     I guess it's too hard to say, "We have shut God out of our lives and bad things are happening."

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