Abortion Oh this is America,
Land of broken lives and broken dreams.
Oh this is America,
Can the Father see the dreams?
Can the Father hear the screams?
The innocent blood that is shed each day,
A woman's right and the children they pass away ... One April Day

Abortion Photos
Disturbing images - you are warned!

  1. 4 months & saved instead of 4 months & murdered
  2. Dismembered human
  3. So small and perfectly formed, so dead
  4. Babies' skin burned off while they were still alive
  5. Look at his hands and feet; not human?
  6. What a proud society we are, America
  7. How long until ... ?
  8. Nothing left but his hands, perfectly formed
  9. At 8 weeks, obviously human
  10. Scorched to death while still alive
  11. Wichita, Kansas, 1983 - a baby tortured to death
  12. Disposable children, garbage
  13. Not a person?

One in 5 pregnancies in the USA ends in abortion.
George Will on "This Week"  January 19, 2003

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