The Unborn Born
Pro-choice to Pro-life

Where Did I Start?

In the middle 70s, during the time of Roe vs. Wade, I was very much a supporter of the right to an abortion. The thought of a woman not having the right to choose whether to be pregnant raised tremendous anger and resentment within me. I remember having a screaming match with my sister (I think I was doing all the screaming); I didn't understand how she could be against abortion.

Why Did I Change?

In the 1980s, I have changed completely in my views upon abortion. I now believe that abortion is wrong in any circumstance. What brought about that change in me?
     Certainly, my change in religious beliefs in the mid-80s cemented the change within me. But setting aside religion and faith, the change in my opinions began before I underwent a faith conversion. My opinions changed on intellectual as well as emotional grounds. I would challenge anyone, whether pro-choice or pro-life, to deeply examine the reasons for their position. Here are some of the ideas and events that affected me:

  1. The birth of my nephew, niece, and some friends' babies in the early 1980s introduced me to the wonder of life and the "preciousness" of newborn babies. I began to question whether that wonder could begin in the birth canal of a woman. What could it be about the pain and messiness of birth that suddenly produces a precious baby?
  2. My own baby was born in 1982. Lindsay changed my life completely. She is an incredible human being. I have learned so much from her, and have grown up so much myself since she was born. I am a far better person because of Lindsay. But Lindsay has a birth defect - she is an albino. My obstetrician told me after her birth that there had been significant gains in research and the next time I got pregnant, we could determine if the baby was albino. The implication to me was that we could abort another albino baby. My daughter graduated high school as class salutatorian and is a National Merit Finalist. Furthermore, I expect that Lindsay will make a difference in this world because of the person she is.
  3. If babies can learn in the womb (such as listening and learning music, which requires the involvement of the left as well as right side of the brain), doesn't that make them a person before they are born?
  4. If a person can be prosecuted for the 2 murders of a woman and her unborn baby, why is abortion okay?
  5. If it's okay to abort an "unwanted" child before birth because they will have a terrible life, why is it not okay to kill "born" children who suffer greatly from child abuse and neglect?
  6. Years after being pro-choice, I learned that a fetus is a formed human being at a very early point - not a "blob of tissue." Did you know that by 12 weeks (a very common abortion point), an unborn baby has all of its fingers and toes, fully formed? It looks like a baby, only very, very small.
  7. The nail in the coffin for me though, was seeing the video "The Silent Scream." If you are pro-choice but you have a high regard for intellectual truth, I strongly encourage you to watch this video. This is a sonogram video of a "fetus" being aborted. When I saw that baby open its mouth and appear to scream in pain when the surgeon began to pull the baby apart, I knew that "fetus" was a human being,..., a baby.

Talk to Me - But No Rants!

Yes, I now have religious reasons for being against abortion, but if you're not a person of faith, I know you're not interested in those reasons. My only purpose in this page is to try and help someone else find what I think is the truth. I don't want to debate the issue with anyone; I don't want to try and cram my opinions down anyone's throat. I'm open to an intelligent discussion with anyone who is willing to listen and be as open-minded as I'll try to be with you. E-mail me here.

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