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LindaWelcome! I'm a 50-something wife and mother, with one grown daughter. I am the Director of the Central Business Office Operations for SSM Healthcare in St. Louis. Now that our daughter is grown, I focus much more attention on the love of my life, Jon. Speaking of Jon, he is the President and web master of a fantastic web site; I am learning more and more each day about being a Christian and placing God first in my life.

I have many interests but not much time to devote to any of them! I love music; playing the piano, singing and listening to almost any type of music. I am learning about lawn and garden stuff - I actually didn't kill any of my flowers this last year! Training dogs is a trip, and cross-stitching is so relaxing, although I haven't finished a project in years.

The most satisfying occupation I ever had in my life so far is being a mother. I quit work when my daughter was 2 years old and worked full-time to raise her until she started school. I saw an incredible change in her life within a month or two of being home with her. I wish all mothers could have the opportunity to stay home with their children. I went back to work when she started school only because we wanted to send her to private school to meet her very special needs. Being "momma" was a super-challenge at times, but something I truly loved and cherished.

Thanks for visiting. I'd like to hear from you.

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