Being Christian

What Being a Christian Means To Me

For much of my life, I was the most important thing in my life. I sought pleasure and self-gratification. My goals in life revolved around what I wanted and what would make me important. I wasn't a "bad" person; I was even well-liked by my circles of friends and acquaintances (usually). I had a degree of compassion for people. But when it comes down to the bottom line, most everything I did was self-centered and self-serving.

I was raised with Christian principles and beliefs. I was raised to believe in Jesus Christ, and that he died for my sins. I was taught the Ten Commandments, and I was taught about good and evil. But going to church every Sunday and knowing a lot about the Bible doesn't make one a Christian.
     As a teenager and young adult, I set aside what I had been taught as a child. At one point, I wasn't really sure I believed in God. I renounced my membership in the church to which I belonged. I pursued the best of what life on this planet could give me.
     It wasn't until I was married and had a baby that I came to know Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. I started taking Lindsay to church when she was 3 years old, because I knew she would learn good values at church. Somewhere along the way, I found Jesus; I don't exactly remember when or how; but I decided He was the only way for me to go.

When I gave my life to Jesus, the Holy Spirit began to change my life. I learned about sacrificing for others and putting others before myself. I experienced peace at times I would have formally felt anger and hatred. Hope was something I now had for the future ... for eternity.
     Jesus took my disgusting life & washed the slate clean. Yeah, I still mess up and make mistakes, but God reminds me of His way & sets me straight. Why did He care about me, when I didn't care about Him? Why does He love me? I didn't deserve His love, or His forgiveness.The answer is because I am His child; because He created me. He knows me better than anyone ever will.

God loves you, too, regardless of what you've done in your life. Think of the worst person you can think of in all of history; someone who did horrible, disgusting, awful things. God loved/loves that person, too. The gift of forgiveness was/is available for that person. He wants you to be in relationship with Him. He wants you to choose Him. Do you want to be clean again? Do you want to be forgiven?
     Pray now and ask Jesus to come into your life. Tell Him you're sorry (you have to be sorry) for the bad things you've done. Ask Him to forgive you, and I promise you that He will. There's nothing complicated about praying. Just talk to God like you are talking to another person. You can get on your knees if you want; you can talk to Him in your mind silently; it doesn't matter - He will hear you!

Now that you've given your life to Jesus, you are reborn. Get yourself a Bible, and read, read, read. Find a good Christian church (sometimes you have to visit a few churches to find a good one) and learn about being a Christian from new Christian friends. God will change your life, if you take the first steps, and walk in partnership with Him. God bless you! If you are a new Christian, I want to hear from you, so I can pray for you! E-mail me here.

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