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A strange thing has happened on the web - Xn bands spawning without end - lifting up a joyful noise to the Lord in every flavor of alternative, blues, funk, pop, and rock. Jesus is pleased! Updated 01-07-2010

Here are some absolutely great Christian rock songs to give a try, followed by links to free music, and a list of the best bands I've heard - with reviews and lyrics. Reviews are purely Jon.

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Great Christian Rock Songs

The Best Bands    


Here is a Christian band displaying a variety of styles from contemporary Christian to alternative to rock to a style all their own. I enjoyed over half the CD and would have enjoyed it all except for the following: the female vocalist needs to go with a lower voice (baritone, I would guess) and should absolutely increase her range within each individual song to avoid the "droning" sound so common to alternative music.
     Hopefully, on their next CD, the songwriter will break up his lyric blocks with more riffs, bridges, interludes and key changes. Finally, the key change in Amazing Grace isn't quite right so although it's a great version, it doesn't come off on CD as well as it would at a live show. (PS. I checked all this with a person life-long classically trained in voice and piano)
     With all that said, the song "Earth" shows a fantastic style all their own just waiting to be born. Add to that a pair of vocalists perfectly matched to the band's sound (if the female vocalist makes those changes to use her tremendous potential), toss in their strong message - you have a truly great listen waiting to happen! As the guitarist makes the switch from rhythm to lead, they have a chance to really shine here. They have a second CD coming out soon and I look forward to it!
Wallpaper Pie
This is a funky rock band that I highly recommend. The singer's voice is a true joy and the individual skills are clear. The bassist lays down a rolling bottom, the guitarist knows how to get his licks in without taking over, and the drummer is outstanding, using his entire kit like the instruments they can be (so rare these days). Wallpaper Pie comes together smoothly as a band, something a group of good musicians cannot always manage. Their songs can carry you away and like the lyrics of Revelation, make one want to "take off your shoes and dance around the flame"
     Their latest CD - Agapedelphia - continues the gripping tradition of groove, funk, and blues on their first CD - Wallpaper Pie. Their music grabs you and moves with intensity, conveying their message with real purpose. Some of their music reminds me of the late 60s while other tunes have a style that clearly belongs only to Wallpaper Pie. They love to have fun but they never forget their ministry. Both CDs are a must-buy. I would guess that these guys are best experienced live but buy a CD and serve up a slice of Wallpaper Pie. You'll want seconds. Although the band has now disbanded, if anyone knows a link to some of their tunes, please let me know.
One April Day
Previously released as Level Up, these guys have a style that is unique and potent. From the first 3 seconds - even if you've never heard the song before - you know it's One April Day. My teen daughters' head popped up like a prairie dog from its hole when she heard their song America starting up on my speakers; she blurted, "Whoozat?!" Their sound is that good.
     These guys have a no-holds-barred approach to message, tackling everything from abortion and social decay to why bad things happen to good people. That gutsiness requires a lot of support and their richly textured music holds up to the challenge.
     The guitarist knows how to take the music places without stealing the show, weaving some of the most outstanding string work I have ever heard on this CD: surely Spirit-led! The drummer knows his stuff and the bassist lays down excellent direction without overwhelming the listener. One April Day is a band working together as one to really support and present their message - a refreshingly strong and persistent message. An absolute must-buy! The band now is on a label so we look forward to new and God-filled rock straight ahead!
Armor Of Light
I'm not sure whether this group is a band or a "project" so future CDs are a question mark. I hope they keep right on playing. From the pure funk of Love Not The World to the straightforward rock of Come To Me, the group presents a message that's a joy to hear. Well timed horns and keyboards punctuate and edge their music in all the right places.
     The bass and drums merge into one giant foot-stomping machine driving Love Not The World - a harsh warning to us all. Come To Me has an uplifting message that echoes God's mercy through Christ.
     From Blind to Slip Away to Before Your Time Is Through, an outstanding mix of message and music makes this CD a joy. With a stronger lead guitar, these guys could go anywhere God led them. However, the keyboards are so well done the guitar makes little difference at all to the music's power. With a wide range musically and lyrically, the message is rock-Bible-solid, so buy a CD! Check them out here with lyrics here
Third Floor Thursday
Listen to the song Prison and know that talent dwells within. Will these young rockers develop into the band they can be? I don't know but I'm going to keep an eye on them. They match their music to their lyrics - something many bands don't know how to do. It intensifies the message, which is what Third Floor Thursday is obviously all about. You may not like all the songs on this CD - Elevator - because it covers musical ground from near-acoustic to alternative to rock, but you'll like something on it, I am sure. To top it off, they maintain a great sense of humor. Right now, I can't locate a web page for them but check out the lyrics here
Connery Faire
With a strong lead vocal well suited to their musical style and a lot of creative percussion, this duo overcomes that very fact - there are just two of them. The message is not as strong as some other bands but the music catches the ear, and hopefully the mind's eye will follow. This is power pop, done much better than usual.
     Connery Faire was created in 1997. The name comes from the singer's name, which is Constance Fair. She did the CD with MPG-signed artist David Mikeal. Connery wrote the lyrics and David wrote the music. Fair will soon be moving to Australia so more good Christian tunes are a question mark. Grab the CD! It is The Contrasts Of Life, and you can check them out here
Brown Bear Music
With a driving bass line and heavy-handed kick drum and guitar work, this is music that sticks to the ribs. Their latest offerings are often too dance-music for me but the first CD - Amazed - is outstanding, with their version of the Lord's Prayer (Heavenly Father) leading the charge. It's hard to tell the level of individual skills here and frankly, who cares? The songs are nice and tight, with a clear Christian message, and should appeal to any rocker. If you are into more arcane offerings, you'll delight in Beyond The Fridge and there's plenty of pure praise music served up as strong rock and roll (Amazed, Satisfied) on the Amazed CD. Lyrics here
Knot Eye
KnotEye claims to be alternative but they can make even a slower song resound with metal. They have a heavy sound and they do it well - rock and roll that doesn't let go. Their message is pure Bible and casts no shadows. I don't know exactly what to call them - except very, very good. I See The Lord is a heavy rock version of Isaiah, served up steaming - praise wrapped in steel. The other songs are just as strong in message and just as well played.
     They now have a different drummer and bassist, so I can't comment on their latest "sound." Grab this CD - KnotEye - while you can! If you like it heavy but strongly Christian, you will not be disappointed. Check them out here with lyrics here
More Than Electric
It was the praise song I Raise My Hands that hooked me on this CD. That's because it made me do exactly that - raise my hands and move around. This band's message is geared toward the already-Christian, although Deep Blue Sky is an invitation to join the ranks of the born again. The message is brief but uplifts, and suits their style perfectly. I like every song on this CD.
     Musically, More Than Electric's style is very much all their own. They mesh in a strangely haphazard way, making music that moves your hands and feet, and nods your head for you. If you could organize chaos, it would be named More Than Electric, and you could taste it.
     This is the kind of funky, move-with-the-music sound that makes me just say, you need to buy this CD and see what you think. The CD is More Than Electric and you can check them out here with lyrics here
A very British, British band, this is power pop done outside the box. They grab you with the classic DC talk-style run-together alternative thing, then bam! they go staccato with a powerful straight-up Jesus message, like nails being driven into a cross. The resemblance to the Beatles here is unmistakeable, but it's just their style - they are not a Beatles clone at all. They lay that idea to rest with Three Bed Semi, a fast, clean foot stomper. I have an idea that this is a band to see live.
     This is one of those bands without any one stand-out characteristic. It's all about the music and their song writing and vocals are up to it. A wonderful surprise is haunting string work reminding me of early Kansas surfacing unexpectedly to reinforce the music time and again. From the rollicking tune It's A Crazy World to the pure praise of Before You to the changing faces of Won't Look Back, this is a CD to buy. Check out lyrics here
Neon Cross
Very hard rock done with gusto, Neon Cross has been around awhile. It's hard to write Xn metal, but these guys pull it off. Their Torn CD is truly outstanding. From confused anger at society's ungodliness in Backlash to the haunting Seasons Of Change, their message is on-track: Jesus is the answer.
     Songs like Backlash and Bitterness will replay over and over in your head. Videosmut's rolling sound will capture your mind's eye and bind it to the lyrics - refusal to accept an ever-changing version of right and wrong. If you like it flavored with molten steel, you will like Torn. This is another CD I just slap in my player and let it run straight through - it's that good.
     I don't like the "Neon Cross" CD as well. I think the vocals and guitar get a bit forced - but - if you like Torn, check it out and decide for yourself. Check them out here with lyrics here
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